Hailing from Toronto, Southern Shores is the duo of Ben Dalton and Jamie Townsend who take the Balearic/South Seas pop sound of Korallreven and push it that little bit closer to the dancefloor. On ‘New Love’, taken from their forthcoming second EP New World, the Canadians add some pop-and-snap beats, tropically reedy synths and vocal samples that recall early 90s club anthems to create a beautiful, sun-dappled track. It’s no surprise to discover the guys are signed to the wonderful Cascine label, who seemingly can do no wrong right now.

If you can imagine a more laidback version of 808 State’s ‘Pacific State’, then you’ve just about got the sound of Southern Shores. Summer’s fading out now, but a few minutes of ‘New Love’ might make it last just that little bit longer.