Last month we introduced you to Scottish producer Soosh, through his lush, ambient debut LP, Colour Is Breathe. Today we seek to pull you even further into the world of Soroosh Khavari with the first edit off the Colour of Breathe Remixes album.

London’s finest, the longtime Joe Goddard and Kwes collaborator, rapper DELS is the first to take a stab at Soosh’s woozy opening number. With most of the reverb waterfall on ‘For You’ now removed, DELS goes to work filling in those hazy, lackadaisical breaks with lyrical flips and ill-witted words, which draw a shadowy outline of the soul behind ‘For You’. Producer Eli-T drops down the tempo to a slink-worthy bpm, while restructuring the original track’s tightly wound clacks, turning them into ricocheting beats and fluttery moans, all of which spiral downward creating the most pleasant of sensory overloads.

Ten, yes you read that right, ten exploratory edits of Soosh originals, all by emerging acts you should already have on your ‘Names To Know’ list make up this album. You don’t need us to convince you that this limited 12″ and digital release is essential to your music collection, the tracklist below says it all.

You can pre-order the Colour Is Breathe Remixes album before it’s release on 22nd April via Error Broadcast.

01. For You (DELS & Eli-T Remix)
02. For You (Dam Mantle In Love Edit)
03. The Way You (The Cyclist Remix)
04. The Way You (Zack Christ Remix)*
05. Loving (Slugabed Remix)
06. The Way You (Slowwkid Remix)
07. Uncertain (Slowcoach Remix)
08. For You (devonwho Remix)*
09. Uncertain (Evenings Remix)
10. For You (Synkro Edit)*

* digital-only