Even if you’ve already heard Salt Cathedral, may it be from another site, or when they went by the name, Il Abanico, there’s no reason you shouldn’t listen to them again here. They’re that good.

The new name isn’t the only update for Salt Cathedral, the Brooklyn group’s new image also includes a more refined, smoothed out feel, one of those things that comes with being a band for much longer than that initial buzz.

Singer, Juliana Ronderos’ opens up the single, ‘Take Me To The Sea’ with crystalline vocals, like delicate drops of rain landing on the outstretched velvety petals of a flower, while flirtatious guitar riffs act as tiny fireflies, their rhythmic wings dancing in the night air. Couple with worldly drum patterns that pitter patter across those magically piercing words we can’t get enough of… “Let’s go fly away, fly away, fly away…”

The extremely polished five piece band has been described as a sort of Twin Sister meets Foals, and well we’d have to fully agree. Salt Cathedral plans to release a few music videos and as well as a full length before the year’s end, so hang tight for much more to come from this extremely promising act.