Certain songs just aren’t meant to be covered and ordinarily we’d classify The Cardigans’ ‘Lovefool’ as one of those strictly off limits to new interpretations, such is our attachment to Nina Persson’s pristine, iconic lead vocal. It takes an especially creative mind to try and turn a pop classic like ‘Lovefool’ on its head but that’s precisely what Australian multi-instrumentalist Rainbow Chan has done, producing a twisted glitchfest full of syrupy bass wobbles and abstract samples.

Sydney resident Chan’s faultless tones and penchant for knitting together classical and electronic elements will no doubt bring about comparisons with Bjork; while we aren’t ordering confetti for the coronation of a new Queen of Eclecticism just yet, there’s enough to ‘Lovefool’ to suggest that Rainbow Chan carries the same darkly chaotic brainwaves. If she can temper her cuddlier side and channel more of those heavier bass undertones into her future work; Rainbow Chan could carve out her own private niche in the world of weirdly intoxicating electronic pop.

Keep an eye out for Rainbow Chan’s forthcoming single, ‘Skinny Dipping’ out February 12th via Silo Arts / Frenchkiss.