After more than two years of tinkering with their brand of experimental-pop, Detroit duo Phatasmagoria have finally got their elements working in harmony; discovering the magic formula struck upon by Purity Ring on Shrines with new drop, ‘Two Worlds’.

Lianna Vanicelli and Christopher Jarvis actually cut a playful contrast against their 4AD signed contemporaries. Where the Canadians revel in their warped, faintly mechanistic tendencies; Phatasmagoria are partial to a more natural approach with peacefully warm synth sounds and earthy guitar parts lapping in and out on ‘Two Worlds’. The one undeniable parallel is the intrinsically linked vocal deliveries of Lianna and Purity Ring’s Megan James. Fresh, soul-sweetened tones anchored at the epicentre of whirring sequencers and off-pace percussive trills make for a thrillingly giddy experience. There’s enough poppy deftness and delicacy here to suggest their time in the shadows is coming to an end.

‘Two Worlds’ will feature on Phatasmagoria’s forthcoming DAYZE LP.

Photo by Andi Hedrick.