Yesterday we opened ourselves to be the fanboys we are and did some detective work, revealing that the hints Los Campesinos! had been dropping via all their social mediums were pointing to a previously unheard track set to drop on this very day.

And so, as we promised, here it is: ‘Tiptoe Through The True Bits’.

When Best Fit met up with the band at the end of last year, this is what Gareth had to say about this particular track:

“One song that we left off in particular, called ‘Tip Toe Through The True Bits’, is probably one of my favourite songs that we did for this session but it was intelligent to acknowledge that it didn’t fit within the album. On its own it’s a great song but wherever we placed it in the ordering, it seemed to stand out – slowing things down too much and creating a road block. This was the same with Romance Is Boring too actually; my favourite song actually didn’t make it on the album – ‘Too Many Flesh Suppers’ – which again didn’t fit so we bit the bullet then as well and released that one later on.”


You can download the track here and read the lyrics here. And yup, that’s the artwork above.

Alternatively, stream below: