Combining dynamic production and rich vocals soaked in thick, syrupy soul, Lorine Chia debuts the first single, ‘Good Enough’ off her forthcoming Lorine Redux album.

The 19 year old Cameroon-born singer and producer walks the line between flirty innocence and powerhouse diva with her post-dubstep production coupled with vocals that could be mistaken for Amy Winehouse’s shrill harmonies.

The powerful lyrics of Chia’s ‘Good Enough’, “You shut us down and kill our souls…you say we’re never good enough, so now we’re done”, are like throwing gas on a fire, lending to the whirlwind of dark swooshing synth, booming basslines and a ever so delicate melody that creeps out of this monsoon of emotive sounds, we can’t help but be intrigued by.

It’s clear this is only the beginning for the young songstress, Miss Chia has only begun to fill the pages of her complex musical story, be sure to make plans now, to come along for the ride.