Those with good memories may recall Levek. The only slightly altered pseudonym of lone musician David Levesque, he dropped a 7” back in 2009/2010 which caught the eye of Pitchfork among others. Since then, not much has happened. At least not in the immediate realm of online matters.

But behind the scenes Levesque has hardly been resting on his laurels of being a blog hit wonder. No, he’s been hard at work on a debut album. The record in question, Look A Little Closer is out 24 September on those buzz-propellers Lefse.

This first cut from that release, ‘Black Mold Grow’ sounds like a bit like TV On The Radio, if only Dave Sitek wasn’t so keen to break all linear expectations. With clear pop sensibilities close to the surface, it nonetheless doesn’t follow any generic formula, always twisting and turning. While ‘Look On The Bright Side’ meandered with its flurry of sampled instrumentation, this new one is far more immediate with each string or drum hit sounding indefinitely more affecting.

Look A Little Closer is out 24 September on Lefse.