Jensen Sportag are an elusive lot. I once asked the electronic duo to create a mix a while back and after months of dithering and hearing nothing, this drops right on my lap(top) late last night.

But after listening to their Other People’s Poetry mix for Yours Truly, there is no way one can be mad. It’s a meaningful, carefully considered compilation, comprising of old rave tapes band member Austin found hidden away from the early ’90s. Like with everything the band do, the outcome has to be painstakingly considered.

Sure, at the same time it’s a bit rough around the edges, crackles and snaps can be heard when listening with headphones, and at some points quite abrasive. But in it’s imperfection there is it’s own perfection. A sound capsule, quite literally, from the band’s youth.

You can listen to it below and check out more on the back-story over at YT’s website.