‘Prisms’ was a most perfect introduction to the haunted structures and heart-swollen vocals of Ides, now the London-based songwriter has landed an emotional uppercut with new track, ‘Chokehold’.

‘Chokehold’ tip-toes in with fabulously maudlin guitar strokes and the trembling, yet incisive tones we’re already accustomed to from Alanna McArdle, her pain carries over vividly, holding up a despondent palm as if to say ‘never again’. Sliced asunder with a grunting, growling reverb-slathered riff just before the minute-thirty mark, ‘Chokehold’ feels like exactly that; Ides on utterly commanding form.

‘Chokehold’ is to be paired with King of Cats’ ‘Bright Lightbulbs‘ as part of a 7″ release out on 9 September via Reeks of Effort Records.

[via Pigeons & Planes]