Having always had a not so much of a love/hate relationship with Hot Chip as a like/nonplussed one, Joe Goddard’s recent emergence as the most prolific man with Ableton, a launchpad and a bit of time to spare has garnered a greater buzz around his full-time band’s forthcoming record than even memories of the group’s pretty stellar last album have.

‘Night And Day’ is backed by a very rootsy bassline and topped with so very ’80s keys, interjected with some stabbing female vocals every now and again. There’s also the beauty of a line “If I could be inside you darling/ At the centre of your life”. You really thought that couplet was going end differently, didn’t you? Don’t worry, we all did.

The band will return with their new album, In Our Heads, later in the year. The self-produced record, the band’s fifth, will see a physical release via Domino on 11 June. You can check out the album art above.