Despite sitting cosily within a rather saturated market, “Steal You Away”, the debut offering from intriguingly anonymous duo Gold Spectacles, somehow accomplishes the feat of sounding unique and vital, despite championing a much dismissed strain of indie pop.

While remaining rooted in the capital and boasting influences as diverse as Paul Simon to Phoenix, we actually know very little about Gold Spectacles, but that seldom matters when first tasters are this delectable.

It’s a sumptuous offering laced with a wealth of delicate touches that only become apparent after multiple listens. Opening licks of fragile acoustic strings are flanked by a stomping bass line, adding an unexpected danceability to the track, while the shimmering male/female harmonies that underpin the infectious choral refrain of “I’ll steal you away” are deliciously subtle.

Steeped in pools of mystery, “Steal You Away” is one hell of an introduction from Gold Spectacles. It may not improve your sight, but this unassuming indie pop gem is certainly one to savour on the eardrums.