So later today I get to interview Christopher Owens, lead vocalist of Girls, making it – along with Gareth from Los Campesinos! ahead of their brilliant matinee show last Sunday – two of my favourite singers at the moment that I’ve had the opportunity to chat to in the matter of four mere days.

Interviewing your heroes is always a tricky one – your list of questions tends to read like a gushing teenage love letter to the girl who sits next to you in Double Science but whom you’ve never actually spoken to. So you scrap all those ones and start again with just minutes remaining until your scheduled slot. But then all you can write is generic, Sunday supplement type fodder – quickly realising that all your soppiness has made you unable to write logically or insightfully about the music at all.

And that’s not even mentioning the worry about the person liking you back. Will he laugh at your jokes? Will you both become best friends after this? Will he reply back to the @mention you’re bound to send immediately after the interview is over? No, it’s unlikely he’ll even remember these 20-30 minutes past the end of next week. He won’t even read the piece, so just shut up and ask about the new album/single/video/cat.

But enough drivel – here’s a reminder of why people like me get all obsessed by bands like Girls. The San Fran group are streaming their new non-Father, Son, Holy Ghost – and basically instrumental – single ‘Lawrence’ and it’s quite honestly brilliant. But then again, you’ve all just read how biased I am.

Go listen:

Girls – Lawrence by PIAS Entertainment