They say the examined life is the only one worth living. Leeds-based four piece, Fun Adults give you another reason to never settle, with the introduction to their forthcoming single, ‘For Water’, out next month on new label, Handsome Dad Records.

An unsatisfied soul skips across glassy piano notes and the deep humming billow of moody cello strings, in search of that perfect moment. Just as a disarming high pitched murmur delicately winds itself amongst harmonizing falsettos that dance through the air, an orchestral army of textural sounds begins to envelop and enchant your wildest imaginations.

There’s an organic complexity to Fun Adults sound that is both comforting and sincere, while also managing to illicit this intricately demure aesthetic. One of the most interesting new acts in the UK right now, we look forward to watching this bands’ tale unfold.

Fun Adults will play St Pancras Old Church to celebrate the launch of their new single on May 29th, you don’t want to miss this one.