If you’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of meeting me IRL you’ll know well that I’m about as ‘sexy’ as the common cold. But god damn, this song – right here – it has the power to transform even the most awkward and socially inept amongst us into, well, bloody sexy bastards. We’ve been sitting on this track for what seems forever now and, in turn, played it to absolute death; at home, in the office, at clubs, on the train…. I even streamed it in the bath tub one night. That was fun.

Friends are possibly the most seductive band on the planet right now. Hyperbole? Arguable. Yet, sit through the recent video for ‘Friend Crush’ and you should see where I’m coming from. Shaking things up a little, ‘I’m His Girl’ hits home from a completely different angle than the previous smattering of material we’ve heard from this Brooklyn based bunch. Featuring a bass line that forces your body into convulsive thrusting movements and a vocal line that will make hipster boys (and probably a fair few girls) across the land go weaker at the knees than a 70% sale at Urban Outfitters with a bonus wink from the checkout girl (or guy).

“I know I don’t want no one suffocating me / If you love someone it should feel good to let them breath”. BREAKDOWN. Get involved below. This is pure lust.

Friends – I’m His Girl

Limited to just 500 copies, Lucky Number release the 7″ vinyl on 31 October, we suggest you pre-order here.