Frank Ocean’s first studio album proper Channel Orange has been gaining a lot of press this week for all the right reasons. Deservingly so too, it’s a pretty stellar offering of hook-laden, slick yet diverse and experimental R&B.

The singer is starting to seem like a man who does things on his own terms. For example, when Def Jam insisted that Kanye West returned the favour of Frank’s cameo on Watch The Throne and appeared on the album, Ocean refused – deciding it would be better to stand on his own two feet. Likewise, it’s telling that this new track ‘Golden Girl’ featuring Odd Future head-honcho Tyler the Creator is placed as a bonus track to the release. Ocean seems solely focussed on artistic decision-making, refreshing given the media’s recent furore over his sexuality.

‘Golden Girl’ rounds off the album perfectly, dipping in and out, and soothing as well as unnerving with long periods of complete silence and gradual fades that sound like you’re hearing someone listen to the track on a car radio.

Take a listen to the track for yourself below: