You know what, I’ve always thought vocoders were a bit rubbish. Every time I would hear musicians use them I’d say “I don’t like vocoders. Vocoders are cheap, cringeworthy and crass.” Not always exactly in those words every time, but you get the general idea.

I do not what it is about the pitch-bending instrument, maybe it’s the way the melody follows the vocals – something that sounds inherently child-like and amateurish. But regardless, they just always seem to grate on me – putting me off many an otherwise great song, band or producer.

But I’m always open to change, hesitantly open to being proven wrong too. And after hearing this little beauty today, I’m happy to admit that in the future I’ll have to change my automated response to: ”I don’t like vocoders. Vocoders are cheap, cringeworthy and crass – except in that one song by Enjoyed, called ‘Teeth’.”

Yep, this new track from the London-based producer has changed our minds momentarily. In the same vein as Chad Valley, Seams, Shells et al, the producer differs from his peers in his intelligent appropriate of pop song structure whilst also dabbling in the abstract realm of the odd blips and glitches.

Enjoyed plays the Shacklewell Arms and Brainlove Festival next month. Before then, we at TLOBF caught the man play Dalston’s The Nest last week and can report back that his live set-up is just as enthralling.

Check out ‘Teeth’ below, taken from new EP ‘Sugar’ due 4 June.