Some bands you hear and think they are directing all their creative ambitions towards you and you alone. That’s what we thought when we first came across this dream-pop threepiece. You see, their new single sounds like Fanzine crossed with Gross Magic, so they just must read our site and know exactly what we long for in a group!

Cut Your Hair hail from Catalonia, making them by default our favourite band coming from the Spanish region. ‘Utah In Pictures’ is the first release from the group, who we presume are named after the Pavement song – making us like them even more.

The lead track is one you may have come across already as it’s been flying around the internet for a couple of weeks, even warranting a NME write-up just today. If it’s still fresh to you then don’t worry, it’s so infectious that you’ll soon catch up with the rest of us.

The single is backed by two B-sides, both of which are exclusive online to Best Fit. Rougher around the edges than the main cut, ‘I Wish I Was Stoned’ and ‘I Just Need Another Friend’ still nonetheless pack the same youthful punch of the first offering. Just take a look at those bloomin’ song titles!

‘Utah In Pictures’ will be released via Mushroom Pillow come 30 April.