It always seems journalist short-hand for “I’m tired right now” or “I’m so hungover while typing this” to use “For fans of” comparisons in posts, but in this case I’m sure we can make an exception. Cheatahs, the typo being intentional there, are a London-based band with an E postcode comprising of a former member of Weird Dreams and Male Bonding’s live guitarist.

So you pretty much know what you’re going to get, but they duly deliver in incredible fashion. Fuzzy, laidback slacker tunes that wouldn’t give a shit if they got cigarette holes in their new (newly bought vintage) denim jacket. But ‘Coared’ does enough to let the band stand on their own collective footing, with the sprawling guitar solo at the end coming as a firm highlight.

‘Coared’ is taken from the identically-named EP, which comes out 25 June on Marshall Teller Records.

A special release party will take place on 29 June at the Shacklewell Arms, with the band supported by COLOURS and Omi Palone.

‘Til then, listen to the Best Fit Premiere of this very track below.

CHEATAHS – COARED by Marshall Teller Records