Brighton/London four piece Hella Better Dancer have been making dreamy, lo-fi guitar pop in their bedrooms for a few years. “Sleeptalking” sounds like a band ready to flock the nest.

Perhaps it’s the prickly guitar solo and half-shouted harmonies that’s allowed the band to take on a more immediate personality? Or the weighty reverb and shaded vocals? Maybe it’s the band’s adoption of Norwegian songstress Farao last year as drummer? There’s certainly a cathartic experience when listening to both Hella Better Dancer and Farao’s music, made all the more appropriate by them playing church gigs together.

Whatever the reason, “Sleeptalking” is a sure-fire step in the right direction. It doesn’t shed the band’s hallmark spacious sound (check out 2012′s Living Room EP) nor is it a simple repetition of their previous efforts. We can’t wait to hear more.

The self-produced/recorded single is out available as a free download here. Beautiful Strange will release “Sleeptalking” on limited 7″ vinyl on 11 November.