We here at TLOBF Towers (not an actual tower but separate computers in separate buildings in separate cities) have a bit of a crush on the Swedes and those north of the American border. We’re not being pretentious in our love for all things native of these far off lands (for the record, I’m Welsh and that’s the indie version of being English, right?), but instead we see some truly exciting things happening in and coming out of these two countries.

These last few months have seen great music spawn from our Scandinavian blood brothers and sisters and the point to our case came just earlier this week when Canada’s Polaris Prize shortlist was unveiled. To celebrate, we give you a playlist complied with love, each track a superb song hand-picked from the Polaris-nominated artists and albums. Don’t ever say we never treat you.

My money, if I had any, would be on that little-known band Arcade Fire. But if I were on the panel, which I am not, I’d have to give all the marbles to 2011′s success story (Sorry James Blake) The Weeknd for creating undoubtedly the coolest, sleekest, smoothest album this year and still having the balls to release it for nothing.