Cymbals Eat Guitars are like that friend that always turns up fashionably late to the party, maybe even after most people have already left. An evening spent dawdling aimlessly over to your place has meant they’ve taken a few detours along the way and picked up a whole host of tag-along strangers, equipped with a story to tell and a second wave wind to spur in you when they finally arrive for Party Mark II.

Their 2011 album Lenses Alien was an oft-overlooked masterpiece in patient, completely unformulaic but enormously assured art-college-rock, with most tracks veering in and out of your paths of expectation, with multiple stop-starts, but rewarding tenfold by the end of it all.

The band’s new track just dropped, ‘Hawk Highway’, is a steady extension of this, if not with things a little toned down and reduced to a 3min slab of euphoric brilliance.

Listen below: