Sorry, fellas, Stockholm popstress Beatrice Eli’s got a confession…she don’t dig dudes. There’s no two ways about it on Eli’s latest single, “Girls”, and if there was any prior confusion, that’s long gone – Bea loves the ladies. We have the premiere today on Best Fit.

-Not gonna lie, Eli’s frankness about the matter is initially shocking. The song’s provocative, which could be putting it lightly. Not many people publicly divulge that their go-to arousal fantasy is their sixth-grade teacher, or that they can’t wipe the image of their “head between legs” of girls they ogle at the mall from their brain. It’s enough to make even Miley giggle nervously. Oh, I see you blushing there; you’ve been here before…we’ve ALL been here before…

Which makes it not actually shocking, but utterly honest and realistic. Eli ingeniously marries up these simple, sincere, and direct words with a wonderfully simple and direct throbbing and grinding (tee hee) beat and a single camera shot of her lying on the ground, girls writhing around her.

The video culminates in a fantastic (gulp) climax as Beatrice’s deadpan gives way to a cavalcade of flashing lights and…uh…relentless smattering of…erm…snare cracks, then it’s…uhm…o-o-over….whew….pass me that cigarette.

We’re happy she’s back. “Girls” is available 21 March on Razzia Records.

Video director: Senay Berhe (