There are few other phrases like it in modern”blogspeak” to show the strength of an artist than ‘Active Child Remix’. Yep, you know someone is worth a spin (or whatever the right phrase is to press play on a Soundcloud stream) if Pat Grossi has gotten his mits on it. There’s no digital stamp of approval quite like it.

But you shouldn’t be anything of a stranger to Julia Stone. If that names rings a bell, it comes from her time in brother-and-sister duo Angus and Julia Stone. See, now the penny has dropped.

Stone’s new solo album, ‘By The Horns’, is out 28 May on UK and Europe, hitting shelves in the U.S a day later. This track here, ‘It’s All Okay’, is her new single, the video to which you can view over on Youtube.

Active Child’s remix ticks all the boxes of what we’ve come to expect from him: glistening chimes, sharp and abrupt hi-hats and Stone’s vocals complimenting the two, always lingering in the background.

Listen to the remix, exclusive to Best Fit for the next 24 hours, below and pre-order Stone’s new album here.