It’s hard to believe a month has flown by since we bought you Oh! Canada 5. As ever, we here at TLOBF have been busy uncovering some gems to present to you as the nights draw in. This month’s Oh! Canada comp features two tracks taken from tape only releases, and taking this as an inspiration, we have divided the comp into two sides…

Side one kicks off with the stars of this weeks Oh! Canada presents… The Wilderness of Manitoba, pays a visit to the twinkling xylophone realm of Vancouver’s Wintermitts, spends some time in the cinema with handclaps, muted horns and swears of Culture Reject before giving you a sneak peak of a song from the forthcoming Woodpigeon record, recorded live at the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary.

Meanwhile, side two turns the volume up and things take a turn to the dark side, as we introduce you to the melancholy brooding dub of Babe Rainbow, Friendo (featuring Michael from Women), Puberty (featuring Nicole from Friendo), and Basketball (Featuring none of the above) as well as brand new tracks from Tegan and Sara and You Say Party! We Say Die!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Dan Mangan, Hey Rosetta!, Spiral Beach and The Tragically Hip who will all be making it over to these shows during November.

As ever our thanks go to all those who make Oh! Canada possible. Please follow the links to find out more about the artists featured and let them know what you think! There’s also a couple of ’special links’ in there if you know where to look…one of which has a particularly Halloween-y flavour.

Oh! Canada Volume 6 Side A
Oh! Canada Volume 6 Side B
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Side A:
1. The WIlderness of Manitoba – Bluebirds
2. Wintermitts -Schoolyard
3. Eamon McGrath – Big River
4. Culture Reject – Inside The Cinema
5. Royal Wood - Thinking About
6. Olenka and the Autumn Lovers - Flash
7. Hooded Fang – Land of Giants
8. No Gold – Hot Bay
9. Woodpigeon featuring Voicescapes - Morningside (live)
10. Howie Beck – Save Me
11. The Mountain and The Trees – Up & Down

Side B:
12. Babe Rainbow - Like I Give A Care
13. Friendo - Callers
14. Little Girls – Youth Notes
15. A Horse and His Boy – Home
16. Tegan and Sara – Hell
17. You Say Party! We Say Die! – Laura Palmer’s Prom
18. Puberty – Common Sense
19. Precious Fathers – 100% Pure Rock Fibres
20. World Club - Sick Machines
21. Basketball – Journey To The End Of The Night