Kilo Kish – Navy

Brooklyn-via-Orlando upstart, Kilo Kish makes it look far too easy. Sewing together pieces of lounge room R&B, loose-lipped rap and hip-hop grooves to the point that you can’t even work out the stitched seams, ‘Navy’ is an effortless, and nigh flawless, starry-eyed snippet of propelling future-pop. Luckily Melo-X has delivered a pretty sublime remix of the track also, so you can listen while you’re in the club too. Listen to the original cut below.
- Luke Morgan Britton

Mikky Ekko – Pull Me Down

No doubt one of the most emotionally moving vocal performances of 2012, the juxtaposition of Ekko’s yearning lyrics together with Clams Casino’s beats and atmospheric production recently ignited the blog world with absolute fervour. For once, it was more than justified. ‘Pull Me Down’ is sheer perfection; Ekko’s front and centre vocals are jaw dropping in their dexterity whilst his lyrical prowess is filled with lovelorn angst.
- Rich Thane

Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart

The first single and clear highlight from perhaps one of the defining records of 2012, Bobby Womack’s ‘Please Forgive My Heart’ cuts like a knife on every play. A perfectly considered composition with Womack’s heaving vocals hanging in the air with an incredible poignancy whilst the outré-sounding bass balloons around a squeaky, skittish beat. Destined to be cherished as a true classic of Bobby Womack’s 60 year career. Flawless.
- Lauren Down

Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t

Taken from this year’s album of the same name, ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’ epitomises everything we love about Jens Lekman: a wry wit and humble sense of self-depreciation clinging to every word, a beautifully woven tapestry of acoustic instruments producing a juxtaposing, jovial atmosphere. Being part of such a strong cohesive record at large makes it difficult to assess Lekman’s individual offerings in their own right, out of the heart broken context within which they reside side by side but the title track stands tall, owning its own corner of melancholy and affirmation. Instead of concerning itself with the personally crushing loss of a clearly dear relationship it sees Lekman recognise the universality of the sentiment that the only certainty in love is knowing when it’s gone.
- Lauren Down

El Perro Del Mar – Walk On By

‘Walk On By’, the lead single from El Perro Del Mar’s fourth and most sonically adventurous album to date, saw Sarah Assbring’s fascination with classic house music and nineties production bloom throughout its ten exquisite songs. ‘Walk On By’ is a testament to shrugging off the demons of a past love affair but also zones in perfectly on the emphasis that Pale Fire is very much a solo record. The opening line, “solitude’s my best friend”, all the proof you need.
- Rich Thane