Rhye – The Fall

Formerly anonymous LA duo Rhye, aka Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal, aren’t set to release their debut full-length Woman via Polydor until March next year but we’re already unbelievably smitten. ‘The Fall’ is one of the most heartbreaking songs to have graced our ears this year, its simple piano driven melody underscored with textured instrumentals and almost jazzy, smoky vocals. This is the kind of song you can’t help but sink into.
- Lauren Down

Lianne La Havas – Forget (Shlohmo remix)

The appropriately named Shlohmo has, over the past year or so, just about mastered the ability to make you sit down and take things easy to the point that rivals that of Yorkshire Tea. The LA-based mixman’s most impressive feat to date has been his twisting take on London songstress Lianne La Havas, reworking ‘Forget’ with skittering and crackling blips and beats, but all the while keeping the soft sorrowfulness of the original right at the centre.
- Luke Morgan Britton

Katy B - Aaliyah (ft. Jessie Ware and Geeneus)

Aaliyah’s predomination in UK ‘bass’ music reached absurdity over the last 24 months, with pitched up samples of the singer’s voice becoming mind-numbingly, nail-pullingly ubiquitous. In this tribute, though, Katy B, Jessie Ware, and Rinse’s Geeneus take a different tack, imagining the now fully canonised singer as a girl in a club, her magnetism so strong that she seems to produce a gravity around which everyone else orbits. Please god let this be the full-stop to the endless pitch-shifting sentence.
- Josh Hall

Angel Haze – New York

To make the comparison that Angel Haze is another Azealia Banks is bordering on the ludicrous. Such a statement is made by someone only listening to verses and choruses and completely missing the lyrics, heart anger that pierces your flesh and digs in like a needle with every line she drops. With her ferocious quick-witted rhymes about the gritty circumstances surrounding a life not so uncommon, Angel Haze makes a case for her place at the winner’s circle every time she drops a new track. ‘New York’ being no exception to the rule.
- Andriana Albert

Beach House – Wild

The return of Baltimore duo Beach House saw the group further cement their position as true bearers of the dream-pop crown. Bigger, bolder and more expansive than ever before, fourth album Bloom saw the group play on their tried and tested blueprint of yesteryear and apply an anthemic quality like never before. On a record of many highlights, ‘Wild’ stands proud and tall as perhaps the ‘biggest pop hit’ of their career.
- Rich Thane