Lykke Li – Silver Springs

Although profusely keeping her private life as just that, tales of burned out love are something Lykke Li has pretty much built her entire career on. With that in mind, there was no artist better suited to cover the Stevie Nicks classic than she. Ridding the original of its smooth FM soft rock vibes – breaking the melody down to its bare bones – Lykke recites fragile after brutally fragile verse. The result so deeply effecting that it, almost perversely, demands repeated plays – just so you can feel as bad as her.
- Rich Thane

HAERTS – Wings

A brand new duo straight outta Brooklyn, HAERTS’ first offering ‘Wings’ has had us chomping at the bit for more since we first heard it back in early October. If you can imagine how M83 might sound if fronted by Belinda Carlisle you’d be halfway towards approaching the splendour that St. Lucia’s flawless production and Nini Fabi’s power-ballad vocals reach over the course of the song’s five minutes. More please.
- Rich Thane

Savages – City’s Full (Live)

With only a handful of recorded tracks under their high-waisted belts, here Savages reiterate to the foolish few that haven’t seen them yet what the very many know all too well: that they’re the best touring band at the moment. Ferocious, bleak and fuelled with bile and movement – ‘City’s Full’ is the future sound of British guitar music.
- Luke Morgan Britton

Disclosure – Latch

One of the most impressive options in the current crop of bass-inflected pop acts, young London siblings Disclosure released ‘Latch’ featuring the vocal talents of Sam Smith via PMR Records back in November. With glitchy cyclic beats, warm synths and romantic pop driven lyrics, it’s a future club anthem if ever we heard one.
- Lauren Down

Purity Ring – Fineshrine

A dark and sinister track, this. Opening with curious “Yip yip” percussive vocalisations, Corin Roddick’s hard electronic sounds juxtapose with Megan James’ naïve, often-child-like vocals to conjure up an unsettling, something-here-is-definitely-not-quite-right atmosphere. Now listen to what Megan’s actually saying: “Cut open my sternum”… “Pull my little ribs around you”… A metaphor for obsessive love or something more literal, visceral? Either way, Purity Ring’s uniquely curious track is as concerning as it is blackly addictive.
- Jude Clarke