‘Slacker rock’ is a misleading term. With job prospects as bleak as they are and cider as cheap and delicious as ever, it’s a wonder kids today have the energy to get up and do anything, let alone write a bunch of songs and start a band. And, for them to be a band as good as Fanzine, that’s quite something. Effort rock, that’s what we’ll call it.

Jock, Ed, Billy and Kit are four school friends from London who formed Fanzine when they realized that they were the only people their age who knew what a Dinosaur Jr. was. Their chosen monkier entirely appropriate, as this is precisely the kind of music you can imagine being written about in a home-printed publication found on the floor at the back of the second stage at All Tomorrow’s Parties. Clearly knowledgeable of their target audience, they even author Fanzine fanzines, an excellent merchandising trick that would be akin to Pavement giving away signed concrete slabs with every copy of Slanted & Enchanted (a record that, between them, we reckon these lads own at least 12 copies of – just to be on the safe side, you know?).

If you want to make a scene out of it, The History of Apple Pie and touring partners Yuck are on hand. But don’t feel you have to. Indeed, with noticeable nods to Graham Coxon’s most raucous solos and Weezer’s ballsy Pinkerton-era riffing, Fanzine prove themselves as capable with cacophony as they are melody, and are carving something very much their own. Their sporadic releases thus far – including the Low EP and ‘Roman Holiday’/’My Stupid Brain’ AA side – hint at a greatness their forthcoming debut record might just achieve.
-Tom Hannan