How do you get around the city?

"I bike, like everyone else! Copenhagen is an absolute bike city and I love that about it."

Where’s the best place to relax?

"I live in this part of the city called Nørrebro. Just in front of my apartment is the Assistens Cemetery. It is actually a cemetery and people still get buried there. Mostly famous people lie there, such as Hans Christian Andersen and Ben Webster. But it is also used as a park. People are working out there and having picnics. In the summer people are actually there half naked sunbathing. I really like that it is used so actively even though it is a cemetery. You know sometimes on a cemetery you feel like you have to be quite and walk slow and stuff. I love that we use this spot in a natural way. Also when I die, I would want people around me having a barbecue and chilling in the sun."

What’s the worst thing about Copenhagen?

"People steall my bike all the time! :/ It just got stolen yesterday! So right now at least, the most annoying thing is when my bike gets stolen."

What’s the best thing about Copenhagen?

"The people <3."

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