Mungo’s Hi Fi – Forward Ever

Mungo’s Hi Fi exemplifies Sound System culture in Scotland. Whilst Forward Ever takes strong hints from the digital reggae era of the 1980s, it firmly embraces today’s reggae nuances and beyond through the constant encouragement of creative collaboration – as documented on the track “Computer Age”. Forward Ever is an album generous of vocal styles and superb riddim construction.
- Rich Etteridge

Remember RememberThe Quickening

The wistful beauty and gorgeous instrumentation heard on the band’s debut is well enough represented here to satisfy the most ardent optimist (…) Ronald and his cohorts have effortlessly established theirmodus operandi, an ambitious mix of detailed song structure and freewheeling experimentalism. But above all, the melodies reign supreme and it’s the melodies you’ll come back for, time and again.
- Chris Lo

RustieGlass Swords

A modern dance album for people who don’t even like “dance music” in its standardised form. Each track is varied and versatile, complete with epic build-ups and breakdowns, and a dizzying array of influences. Glass Swords is a constant 46-minute high, demonstrated most audibly in ‘Surph’, ‘All Nite’ and ‘After Light’. Indulgent yet effective: pure euphoric escapism.
- Heather Steele

Tommy Smith – Karma

Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith has put together an expansive group for his latest LP Karma. Taking quite traditional starting point for his music he quickly expands, finding a groove that flirts with acid jazz and worldlier influences. This is a record that appeals to jazz purists and casual listeners alike – there’s nothing here to scare the former and plenty to interest the latter.
- Rich Hughes

Twin Atlantic – Free

Where Biffy Clyro took a career to hone their sound, Twin Atlantic have nailed it at their second attempt and their album “Free”, with it’s rough edges and unctuous core, hellishly addictive riffs and bitingly honest lyrics, delivered in Sam McTrusty’s thick Glaswegian brogue, are radio-rock’s secret weapon.
- John Skibeat


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