There is a moment at the beginning of every Deers show where the four Madrileñas find each others' eye line and share a communal, assertive, smiling nod. A split-second later, we’re blasted by some of the most energised, fun and inventive rock n roll this side of White Light / White Heat or Raw Power.

Yes, Deers are that good - but you have to push beyond the few brilliantly raucous snatches of sound they’ve dropped to date. The immediacy and fun times of songs like "Bamboo", "Trippy Gum" or "Castigadas En El Granero" is only a blueprint for the finer qualities of these four friends and their intoxicating, limitless potential for musical salvation. The saviours of guitar music in 2015. 

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Tickets for Deers at Electrowerkz on 22 January are on sale now. Visit the Parallel Lines website for more amazing shows.