Hospital Sessions

Watch Outfit’s incredible 360 degree Hospital Club Session

The Merseyside five-piece step up for an incredible session filmed in 360 degrees at London's Hospital Club.

Watch Theme Park perform Jamaica for the Hospital Club Sessions

The Best Fit favourites take to the stage for a stunning 360 degree session at London's Hospital Club.

Watch British trio Kotki Dwa get filmed from every angle for The Hospital Club Sessions

Fresh from releasing their latest, National Trust-funded album, the three piece stop by The Hospital Club in London's Covent Garden for an amazing 360 degree session.

Watch Hooded Fang’s amazing Hospital Club Session

The Canadian music collective captured from all angles for our cutting edge new sessions series, performing 'Jubb'.

Free Swim perform The Smell of Pregnancy in 360 degrees

The next fruits from the The Hospital Club Session see the lush sounds of London based experimental indie band Free Swim come to life in 360 degrees.

Watch Zun Zun Egui perform Speedball live in amazing 360-degree footage for The Hospital Club Sessions

The Hospital Club launches a unique series of exquisitely produced live music sessions in partnership with Best Fit, The Guardian and Amazing Radio.