SWN 2011: Three of Saturday’s Best

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As the mist clears after a late night spent dancing at the Silent Disco and exploring the delights of Chip Alley (or Chippy Lane depending on which side of the argument you sit!) we’re here with a big mug of coffee to recount three of the best show’s we caught yesterday.

Three Trapped Tigers

There is just something so incredible about music that finds an entire crowd searching for some rhythmic consistency to which they can dance. Watching the sonic onslaught of ever changing time signatures, ferocious guitars and relentless percussion from the vantage point offered to me by a chair at the side of the room, I can see the wonderfully frantic movements of an incredibly packed Clwb Ifor Bach. I have not seen a contagious, frenzied intensity like this since Battles.

Summer Camp

Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley have gone and grown up. Gone are the coy glances and endearingly shy shuffles that once accompanied their sepia flecked dream-pop and present is an over riding confidence. Stepping out into the crowd, serenading fans with beautiful, assured vocals and the soft tones of their recently released debut the duo (backed with a live drummer) hold the crowd in the palm of their hands.

Cut Ribbons

It’s 1985, you’ve somehow been transported into a John Hughes movie and this is the soundtrack. Ok maybe not but even though Llanelli natives Cut Ribbons have very little to do with nostalgic American cinema and everything to do with magnificent indie pop it is movies like The Breakfast Club that spring to mind when listening to their irresistible boy/girl vocal harmonies in a packed out Buffalo Bar.

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