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For weeks we’ve felt like a caged animal, clawing at the metal gate keeping us from running free in anticipation of Iranian-born rising producer, Soosh‘s Colour Is Breathe’ LP, released this week on Error Broadcast.

Soosh makes these lush, churning beats out of layered textures, field recordings and fragments of sounds. There’s an organic quality to this ambience that seeps out of your speakers once Soosh’s beats are set in motion. Down tempo breaks, distorted crackles and reverbed vocals pitched to a variety of octaves fill the room with a softness that’s so easy to just melt into.

To celebrate the release of his LP, Soosh has created a stellar mix of current favourites, including more than a few up-and-coming names to know, plus tracks off his new release. This mix and his Colour Is Breathe’ LP are both fantastic, and it’s going to hurt more later if you don’t take the time to listen now. We say it like that because we love you, now go listen.

Filthy Huns – All My Friends Make The Best Music [Not Not Fun]
Soosh – Uncertain (Slowcoach remix) [Error Broadcast] ^
Evian Christ – Drip [Triangle]
Wife – Shards [Leftblank]
Klaus – Cypher [R&S]
Evy Jane – Sayso [King Delux]
Soosh – As Forever ^^^
Trance Farmers – Purple Hay [Stone Throws/ Leaving]
Soosh – Colour is Breathe [Error Broadcast]
Lukid – USSR [Werk Discs]
Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/ Blue ft. Kazu Makino [Innovative Leisure]
Synkro – Acceptance [Apollo Records]
Jabu – You & I ^^
Shlohmo – Just Us [FoF]
Throwing Snow – Melum [Snowfall]
Lootpack – Questions [Stonethrows]
Jamie Lidell – A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert remix) [Warp]
Soosh – Too Soon (fLako remix) [Upmyalley] ^
Onra & Quetzal – Wait [Bo Bun Records]
Hudson Mowhawke – Root Hands [All City]
Vessel – Lache [Triangle]
Yayati – De Bons Moments [Fuselab]
Ezekial Honig – Your Face Betray Your Thoughts [Microcosm Music]
Dels – You Live In My Head [Big Dada]
Four Tet – As Serious as Your Life [Domino]
Gerry Read – Purprle Fire [Fourth Wave]
Madteo – Rugrats Don’t Techno for an Answer [Sahko Music]
Arca – Tapped In [UNO NYC]
Vessel – 2 Moon Dub [Triangle]
LOL Boys – Changes (Groundislava Remix) [FoF]
Shed – Estrange [Ostgut Ton]
The Cyclist – Chime [Leaving] ^
James Holden – Lump [Border Community]
Muramic – Green Copy Spain Day ^^
Soosh – Light Shadow [Error Broadcast]
Recondite – Manor [Plangent Records]
Wraetlic – Rats [Convex Industries]
High Places – From Stardust To Sentience [Thrill Jockey]
Soosh – Rainbow Hiccups (Lapalux remix) [Jumble]
Slowwkid – Becasue Of You ^^
Soosh – Just Breathe [Error Broadcast]

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