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Listen: Rangleklods - “Lost U”

Danish electro-pop twosome Rangleklods have unveiled "Lost U", the lead track from their upcoming second album.

Listen: All We Are - “Stone”

Liverpool trio All We Are scrapes the heavens on "Stone", their latest single from their upcoming debut LP

Listen: Lucern Raze - “Someone Like You”

Purpose built to tempt in the run up to debut album Stockholm One, Sweden’s Lucern Raze have unleashed a devilish new track called "Someone Like You".

Listen: Fake Laugh - “Dopey Head”

Fake Laugh, the alter-ego of Londoner Kamran Khan, has unveiled his a B-side called "Dopey Head", which backs new single "Kinda Girl".

Listen: Lisa Alma - “Man”

Danish singer/producer Lisa Alma has just signed to Dumont Dumont (José González, RY X), and to celebrate, she's unleashed a new single called "Man" upon the world.

Listen: Zhala - “Aerobic Lambada”

Swedish hypno-pop upstart Zhala has unveiled a brand new ditty called "Aerobic Lambada" on, and it's a belter.

Listen: Apidae - “Turning Tides” [Premiere]

Producer twosome Apidae are sharing their new single "Turning Tides" exclusively on Best Fit.

Listen: We Were Strangers - “I Believe” [Premiere]

Manchester's always been rooted in rich musical heritage, and while wet-behind-the-ears act We Were Strangers are yet to fully make their mark, debut track "I Believe" is a bold statement of intent.

Listen: Phantom Runners - “Laserbeam” [Premiere]

Brighton three-piece Phantom Runners share new slack-jawed single "Laserbeam" as a free download.

Watch: Cabane - “Sangokaku” [Premiere]

This Is The Kit collaborator Thomas Jean Henri kicks off his new project with a delightfully melancholic track and video, “Sangokaku”.

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