Reference Points

Reference Points: Summer Camp on Teen Movies

Summer Camp's third studio album, Bad Love, is out now on Moshi Moshi.

Reference Points: Freddie Dickson

We caught up with the rising singer-songwriter to find out what influences his approach to songcraft.


The Blackburn singer-songwriter discusses her experiences and connection to the German capital.

The Sea

The Dutch singer-songwriter contemplates the power of the sea, and how it inspired his forthcoming album, 7 Layers.

The Written Word

Joe Lyons, aka Eaves, writes about the power of the written word - and shares a beautiful trailer for his upcoming debut album, featuring new song 'Spin'.

Title Fight’s Ned Russin explains Hyperview - the concept that inspired their third record

Ned Russin from the Pennsylvania punks runs us through the concept of Hyperview, that titles their third album.

My Favourite Illustrators

The violinist and vocalist of Scottish stalwarts Belle & Sebastian writes about the impact of illustration on her own creative spirit.

My Five Favourite Guitars

Charles Watson from Slow's Club runs us through his five favourite antique guitar models.

The Creative Influence of Literature’s Alternative Outlook

Honor Titus writes about the influence of literature on his creative output - from Salinger to Sartre.

The Power of Handwriting

Marcus Pepperell, frontman of Thumpers, writes about his love of handwriting and why writing by hand is the most personal way to portray yourself artistically.

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