The Best Fit Fifty: Tracks of 2012

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Little Nikki – Intro Intro

The video for ‘Intro Intro’ – the debut single from Little Nikki saw one Nicole Shortland roaming the streets of North London whilst mainlining Red Bull and pic n mix, intimidating OAP’s and playing baseball with fruit stolen from a market stall… All of which might seem like standard fare for most 16 year olds nowadays, but add to the mix one of the most infectious ballsy pop songs of the year and you’ve got yourself a sterling introduction to an artist that remained unsigned for all of about 6 weeks.
- Rich Thane

The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery

Intelligent and expertly crafted AOR that doesn’t make you want to gauge your eyes out is a rare phenomena. Just ask Ben Gibbard. California’s The Neighbourhood more than pulled it out of the bag though with ‘Female Robbery’. A dark and brooding number that channeled Maroon 5 pop sensibilities with hip hop ‘swagger’. Somehow, it worked. Massively.
- Rich Thane

King Krule – Rock Bottom

Teenage angst in its most danceable form, ‘Rock Bottom’ is the sound of one Archy Marshall having the worse day of his life. Schizophrenic in its delivery, the track arrives in dangerous Jamie T territory before breaking free of its shackles come the chorus with a thuggish breakbeat so offensive you’re not sure whether to dance or punch yourself in the face. Or both.
- Rich Thane

Postiljonen – How Will I Know / All That We Had Is Lost

The euphoric eighties girl-power anthem that pretty much made a household name out of Whitney Houston gets stripped to its bare bones and turned into a downbeat, wistful emo-fest courtesy of unknown Swedes Postiljonen. Drenched head to toe in autumnal tones and teenage longing. Hands down one of the most beautifully crafted songs to emerge from Scandinavia this year.
- Rich Thane 

Iberia – An Ending (Ascent)

If you ever had to define the aural equivalent of paradise, the debut single by Berlin via Gothenburg duo Iberia would be a worthwhile candidate. The sound of a million adjectives colliding against wave after serene wave of electronic texture. Dream pop in its truest most delicate form.
- Rich Thane

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