Best Fit Artwork of the Year 2014: Swans - To Be Kind

Best Fit talks context and iconic images with Swans bandleader Michael Gira as we hail To Be Kind's artwork as our favourite of 2014.

Label of The Year 2014: Transgressive Records

Transgressive Records have a rich history and an exciting future, we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of a truly modern label.

Beyond 1989: Taylor Swift and Polaroids

Fifty years since instant photography hit the world and we're obsessed all over again. Jason Williamson looks at the history of Polaroids and why Taylor Swift's 1989 isn't just faking it.

Best Fit Songwriter of the Year 2014: Mark Kozelek

A lot has been written about Kozelek on the internet this year. Here's some more.

Speaking in Tongues: Ásgeir in conversation with John Grant

As his acclaimed album gets a deluxe re-release with the original Icelandic version, Asgeir talks to John Grant - who translated the record's lyrics - about language and life in Reykjavík.

Best Fit’s Twenty Essential Remixes of 2014

We've seen some remarkable reimaginings of some of our favourite tunes from 2014; here's our top twenty.

Deers and Parrots share memories of touring; unveil Mac DeMarco-featuring tour film exclusively on Best Fit

As they line up to play a special Best Fit show this January, check our filmmaker Hache's amazing tour documentary of the Madrid band and their musical soul-mates The Parrots, at Le Guess Who Festival.

JJ: “Don’t hate on reality, push it the way you want it to go”

We get the rare chance to hear from Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander of engimatic Swedes JJ as they talk us through new album V, and how they looked backwards - and ahead - for inspiration.

Best Fit Reissue of the Year 2014: Sleater Kinney - Start Together

Joe Goggins unpicks the mythology of the seminal Olympia band through this "indispensable" reissue of their back catalogue.

Wolf Alice: “Creature Songs is dear to us”

Front woman Ellie Rowsell talks about a "frustrating" year, riot grrl and how their Creature Songs EP had to stand up as art.

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